Friday, June 20, 2014

We have a Teenager in the House

Justin's is now a teenager....13.  How did that happen? When people tell you time fly's and enjoy every minute...I now know what all that means!  They grow up so fast, right before your eyes. This birthday for me was teary...I cant believe when I stand next to my son who by the way is 5'7 and wears a 10 1/2 men's shoe and looks me straight in the eyes that my sweet boy is growing up.  I still see that same sweet look in his eyes (well most of the time). He heads into 8th grade, yes last year of middle school the coming school year.

We celebrated his 13th birthday on Tuesday.  I started off the morning in our tradition of pancakes and bacon, of course spelling out his name.

Justin, Ryan and I went to the movies and saw Heaven is for Real.  We read that book together years ago so it was great that we got to see the movie together. Some junk food and soda and we were set, smuggled in of course in my big purse. Afterwards Ryan had a track meet at the high school until 730p, so we went watched, cheered and congratulated Ryan and headed out for dinner with my mom.
A new Italian restaurant opened up by our house, I was surprised by the 15 minute wait on a Tuesday night at 730p.  We were seated and ordered right away however some issues in the kitchen and an hour later still no food.  The waitress comped our entire meal! And the boys were good as gold waiting, we did have lots of bread and olive oil tho!  Food was really good when it came. Justin's favorite is Boston cream pie, which I made for him. First attempt, I have made boston cream cupcakes before but not a whole cake.  Turned out really good!

And last but not least for this 13 year old, a smartphone, an iphone to be exact!  Life is good for this 13 year old!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home on Leave!

Nick was home, Nick was home!  Nick had leave from the Army and was back in NC.  He is stationed in Colorado Spring, CO, the weather here was a nice change, no snow.  He was in Afghanistan for about 7-10 days on a mission. We got to spend 2 days with him. We had to pack a lot into those days.  We celebrated Nick's 19th birthday.
We had a friendly game or two of bowling and played in the arcade.

Had some fun messing around....
Went out to dinner and met my mom and Terry for some southern BBQ and just had a great visit!! And snapped a whole bunch of family pictures!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Celebrating Mom's Birthday

Mom has the last birthday in May of the family.  Terry cooked dinner for all of us on her birthday. A few gifts, cards and to top off the evening cake of course. It was a school night so we had to leave early so we wouldn't miss bedtime! Birthdays are always better when shared with family. Boys lite the candles and helped blow them out!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Field Day at Sandy Ridge

Field day at Sandy Ridge!  This is the first time in 6-7 years I didn't volunteer for field day.  I decided to volunteer for Earth Day in April, it was more low-key and I didn't get hit with a wet sponge or errand ball! And had just as much fun! But I did have to stop by and see Ryan.  It is one of the days the kids look forward to all year long! He and his buddy James love messing around.

 After all is said and done, slushies from the icee truck!  What could be better!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another Birthday

May is a month full of birthdays, mother's day, and lots of activities.  Another year has come and gone.  I'm on the downward side of 50....eeekkkks!  But spending my birthday with family is always special.  My day started out with the picture below from my loves! A beautiful orchid, a sign and cards from Don and the boys and this was at 615 in the morning. Justin got up extra early to make me pancakes for breakfast, it was a school day!
I worked some in the morning and then met my mom for lunch.  It has been our traditional for the last few years to have lunch together on my birthday.

Dinner with the family and then of course cake!

I dont know why I am looking up? We have 2 friends that also have birthdays 2 days before me, so we decide to triple the celebration that weekend.  However Gregg got strep throat that day and missed his own bday celebration but we were lucky to have Jodi, his wife stand in for him. Rachel as always was the perfect hostess.

Happy birthday to me, Nick and Gregg!