Friday, March 21, 2014

He Loves to Cook

Justin loves to cook and from time to time he cooks dinner for us.  Not bad for a 12 year old!

It's Official...2nd Degree Black Belt

It's Official...2nd Degree Black Belt...such a proud mom!  While in pre-school he talked about wanting to take marital arts.  Since it is a big commitment we waited until the beginning of 1st grade to start and now over 4 years later he is a 2nd degree black belt.
He started as a white belt with Blake, Alec and Zach over four years ago. So very proud of all of them! The time and effort and commit he put into just amazes me for someone so young.  It is something to be so proud of! He made great friends along the way.

 Mr. St. Clair
 Mr. Streicher
 Mr. Cousar