Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So much to do, No time to blog.....

We have been so, basketball, prom, karate tournament, novel published.....I have had no time to blog.  I have closed 2 houses this month and have 1 more closing at the end of the month.  Life has been great but just really busy.....Stay tuned...more to come
Cocoa Beach, FL before our cruise!

The Living Musuem - Daniel Boone

My little guy had to research a person who was dead, who contributed to society.  He then had to make note cards and put them on a poster board and write a speech to present at the 3rd grade Living Museum dressed as the person.  Ryan choose Daniel Boone.  He chose him because his grand-mom got him a cool raccoon hat last year while in the Boone, NC.

Parents would go from station to station and each child had a round sticker on their hand which acted like a button.  When you pushed the button the child would recite their speech.  It was so great to see all the kids dressed up.  They put so much time and effort into this project.
Everyone did such a great job on their speeches and boards.  Below are some of Ryan's friends: Steve Jobs (Owen), Teddy Roosevelt (Frankie), Babe Ruth (Curtis) and John Adams (Alex).