Friday, February 28, 2014

Another Snow Day!

Hard to believe that Charlotte got snow again this year!  That is so not like us!  But let me tell you it was a great snow, light and fluffy and more than a 1/2 inch!  We got 6 inches and loved it! Our incredible 300 year old tree in the snow, just breath-taking.

We had almost 2 days of beautiful snow with sledding and snowball fights. The boys had a blast and even got me to go down our neighborhood hill sledding twice! Thankfully no pictures were taken!

But then in the southern fashion, in came the ice.  We were concerned about power outages which didn't happen.  The boys friends came in from a long day of sledding, dropped their gear and had some mac & cheese and hot chocolate.  My dryer never ran so much in those 3 days of snow and ice!  I totally was lovin' it!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tubing in the snow

The whole month of February has gone by without a blog from me! I have to say that this month is my least favorite month, it is typically cold and short and dark.  I am always glad when it is over because here in the south March is when spring comes marching in! Although one of my favorite things about winter is snow tubing!  I completely forgot to mention our snow tubing trip with our friends.  Great time!

Well did I mention that when we got to the house my mom's friend lets us stay at that the water pipes had burst and there was no water!  And the heat wasn't working, house temperature was 45 degrees.  We got the heat working and started a fire while waiting for the temperature to rise.  We stopped and bought 8-9 gallons of water because we had paid for our tubing tickets and they wouldn't give us a refund.  So we decided to stay the night.  The six boys (that includes the husbands) didn't seem to mind peeing in the snow, the ladies, since it was only Rachel and I knew we had 2 flushing since there were 2 toilets in the house.  We cooked and washed dishes with microwaved water.

We made the best of the situation and had a great time at the A-frame!
The boys loved sledding down the hill in the neighborhood, they even saw deer run across their path as they were sledding.


Next day was snow tubing! It was a beautiful afternoon!