Monday, August 26, 2013

Lake Wylie

I have to say this is one of the mildest summer's I have encountered here since moving to Charlotte in 1994, oh and tons of rain.  So going out on mom's boat has been challenging, but 2 Saturday's ago was our perfect opportunity to get out on the water.  The sky was sunny blue and the sun was shining.  We stopped pick up a few hoagies and were on our way.
The water was perfect and refreshing. Just a relaxing day on the lake.

50 is the new 30

Our friend Rachel, celebrated her 50th birthday this summer.  Ok maybe I wasn't suppose to tell, but really 50 is the new 30.  Her husband went all out!  Surf and turf, steak and lobster.....the most wonderful cheesecake.  Great friends, great food! Hard to believe how fast time goes at this stage of our lives.  Kids are growing up so fast but it is nice to have great friends to share our time with.

Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Years Together

This August Don and I celebrate our 3rd anniversary. Time has gone by so quickly. Our beach wedding is now a wonderful memory.  This year we decided to take a quick trip to Charleston to celebrate.
It was so relaxing.  We we hit the beach at Sullivan's Island, ate at a cool Irish pub, walked around Folley's beach and saw the lighthouse.
Of course we hit the open area market in Charleston.  Got this beautiful black and white print of the bridge into Charleston.  And then finally ate at Hymans.  Long wait but since it was just the 2 of us, we decided to put our name on the list and just walk around Charleston and enjoy the evening.  Once we got seated, got really good fried green tomatoes and warm sweet hush puppies.

We also found this old cemetery in Charleston.  It was really awesome to walk around and look at the old headstones.  Don thought it was creepy but I totally enjoyed it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What to a Fort

Building your own fort is something I remember doing as a kid.  Craig and our friends Katey and Pickle and I were awesome fort builders.  My kids have inherited my fort building talent!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

My Triathlete

Words can not describe how proud I am of Ryan.  He competed in his first Kids Triathlon! Swim, Bike and Run! SO so proud of my guy! He did awesome!  He started out with the swim, not his strongest event but he persevered and completed that leg without a hitch.
Next he ran from the pool to the bike area and put on his socks, shoes and shirt. No parents allowed!  Get his bike out and put on his helmet and off he went.  This was his best leg, he loves biking.  Next they had to walk their bike back to the transition station and put bike and helmet up and then he was off for the run.
He had to run 3 laps.  He got a stomach cramp about 1 1/2 laps in, his dad went over and had him wash his mouth out with water and ran along side of him until the finish.  So proud that he pushed through the cramp and completed his first triathlon! 
His best buddy, Alex also competed as well.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Don's Birthday

Don's birthday = 1 day before Nick leaves.  We planned our summer and how it related to Nick leaving for the Army.  Don's birthday fell on the day before his baby boy was headed in the Army.  Nick was excited that he wasn't leaving until the next day because that meant he could spend some time with his dad.  He drove to Don's work and went out to lunch with his dad and a few co-workers to celebrate Don's birthday.  Nick had to head to a hotel to prepare for his departure for the Army the next day.

Don, the boys and I celebrated by going out to dinner at Brixx and them home for a little ice cream cake!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bitter Sweet...Kids grow up....I'm in the Army NOW!

This day finally came...July 9th 2013, the day Nick got sworn into the Army and headed to boot camp.  We have known about it for a year, we planned a big family trip, a going away party, hit the beach one last time, spent as much quality time with him before...and it came and went. 

We raise our children with the knowledge that they will grow up and go out on their own and hopefully you have taught them well...right from wrong, strong values and morals, good character, what it means to love, laugh and live, the importance of family, being true to yourself and your beliefs....but at some point you need to let them into the world without you.  Yes you are in the background but now it is their life and their decisions. As parents we now play a different role in their lives.  They must go forward with their dreams, and they will stumble and fall and make mistakes just like we did.  But all that knowledge as a parent doesn't make it any easier to let go and watch them spread their wings.  You have a sense of pride knowing you have done your best and you try not to second guess your decisions but now it is up to them!
We were lucky enough to have Nick's 2nd nephew, Richard, fly in to do a private swearing in ceremony.  It just added so much to the morning.  Don, Justin, Ryan and I headed over to watch him fly!  Our only contact with him for 10 weeks is via the US postal service. We love you Nick and miss you like crazy.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Family Time Fun

We had such a great visit with Richard, Joan, Gregg and Jack.  We decided a family outing was in order and went bowling.  Great fun.  I think Don was the high bowler, no surprise!  I bowled with the kids on their lane and had the bummers up.  Even so don't think I broke a 100.  I'm not a great bowler but do love it!
The bowling alley also has an arcade, can't pass up on that!  Jack, Nick, Justin and Ryan played a few games.  Jack was the big winner and won a 1,000 tickets and with the tickets he got an awesome plastic toy.  I think it lasted the whole day before a piece broke.

Later that night we had a family going away party for Nick because the next day he was headed back to his mom's house to hang with his friends for the next few days before getting sworn in and heading to boot camp. Also celebrated three birthdays, Rickard, Jack and Don.  So of course cake was in order!
Discovery Place was our next adventure out, took the Lynx uptown to Charlotte.  Boys had more fun on the train but or course the bed of nails and the rope bridge were a big hit!