Friday, September 6, 2013

College Friends

After college I lost track of all of my college friends, totally my fault.  I drifted away for a long time.  But through Facebook I have been able to reconnect with them again!  And it has been absolutely incredible!  I remember why I loved them and how they made me feel so special.  Last year we decided to plan a girls weekend for the first time in over 20 years.  Jennifer Jolley now Hamilton and Michele Fisher now Smith all met in Red Bank, NJ.  So awesome to spend time with them again and reconnect.
This year we decided to go to our 'ole stompin' grounds West Chester, PA and walk around the campus.  Maren was having knee surgery and Megan couldn't make it.  But Jen, Michele and Allison Giannetti now Casas made our way to West Chester University (WCU). It was so incredible to be back and walk down memory lane and the streets I use to call home. Words can't describe how incredible this weekend was and to share it with my friends from college who were my roommates.  It was like there had never been a huge gap in time.  We didn't miss a beat and conversation was never lacking.  We of course had to catch up on our life's, families, husband's, kids, jobs and what we have been up to the last 20+ years.
It was incredible to connect with these special women who meant so much to me so long ago. I can absolutely say I will never lose touch with them again!  They mean too much to me and I have grown up and matured so much since 1989.

We all couldn't believe how much West Chester has changed.  The downtown area was bustling with activity.  Tons of restaurants with outdoor seating, beautiful stores.  Friday night after walking and walking we found a restaurant that had a table outside.  We talked and laughed.

The next day we walked the campus, found our old dorms.  Allison's dorm was gone and a new building was being built. Jen and I found Wayne hall, where we were roommates freshman year and met.
SO much excitement just walking the campus and the town and remembering and reminiscing.....

The Rat (now a papa john's), Little Man's Deli and Nield Street Deli are no longer there...the building are there but the owners have changed.
One thing that didn't change from the 80's is Jake's Bar.  Had an awesome time hanging out there and playing shuffle board then and now. They don't serve food so you can smoke at the bar. Crazy, the place was so smoking made my eyes burn.  We went next door and got orders of french fries and onion good!
RamsGate Apartments, need I say many memories!
Such good friends after all these years!  We are all mothers, wives, daughters and have so many responsibilities but the most important thing is that we REMAIN FRIENDS!  Thank you for such a great time!